UD cop doesn’t like having to investigate beachballs

Officer Slater is aggrieved because he knows he’ll be asked to investigate whether the giant penis drawn on the “free speech beachball” is a hate crime. It’s true it’s bound to be reported as one, but you know what officer? That’s your job. You’re a campus cop, OK? You are not protecting Gotham City from evildoers, you are investigating complaints of hate graffiti, some of which are going to turn out to be bogus. Somebody’s got to do it, and that’s why we pay you to do it.

Google Street Art Project

The Street Art Project showcases some of the beautiful ephemeral art that’s been appearing on the walls and public transportation of the world’s cities.
Image courtesy of 5ptz.com
Note some of the most vibrantly beautiful works are found in the most impoverished slums, where it is frequently criticized as glorifying criminals and their activities, but artistically void “tagging” goes on nearly everywhere, rich and poor neighborhoods alike.

The stuff at Five Points in NYC, and just generally the area of Queens near the corner of Crane and Jackson is amazing. People poured their hearts into it.