Abner Kneeland’s Philosophical Creed

I believe in the existence of a universe of suns and planets, among which there is one sun belonging to our planetary system; and that other suns being more remote, are called stars; but that they are indeed suns to other planetary systems.  I believe that the whole universe is NATURE, and that the word NATURE embraces the whole universe; and that God and Nature, so far as we can attach any rational idea to either, are perfectly synonymous terms.  Hence, I am not an Atheist, but a Pantheist; that is, instead of believing there is no God, I believe that in the abstract, all is God; and that all power that is, is in God, and that there is no power except that which proceeds from God.  I believe that there can be no will or intelligence where there is no sense; and no sense where there are no organs of sense; and hence, sense, will and intelligence, is the effect, not the cause of organization.  I believe in all that logically results from these premises, whether good, bad or indifferent. Hence, I believe, that God is all in all; and that it is in God we live, move, and have our being; and that the whole duty of man consists in living as long as he can, and in promoting as much happiness as he can while he lives.

Written at Hebron, N.H. May 24 1833.



(Excerpted from “The Speech of Abner Kneeland, Delivered before the Supreme Court of the City of Boston, in his own defence, on an indictment for BLASPHEMY, November Term, 1834” as printed by J. Q. Adams 1834)

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  2. Rumi wasn’t really a pantheist, though. Sufis are mystics, so their proclamations aren’t intended to be literal or subjected to rigorous analysis. Kneeland was not being mystical, he was being extremely concrete and factual about his beliefs.

    “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.” –Pieter De Vries.

  3. After his release from prison at the age of 65, Kneeland formed “The First Society of Free Enquirers” and built the utopian community of Salubria about two miles south of Farmington, Iowa. Like most such efforts, it ultimately failed; some say this was because people attracted by powerful intellectual philosophies are often unskilled at manual labor, and people highly skilled in physical and agricultural arts are often dismissive of abstract ideas.

    Kneeland lived out the remainder of his life in his “Mansion of Salubria” home, writing, lecturing and engaging in politics. He was married four times and had 12 children.

    • If you click on the name “click me” in the first reply, you end up at a site entirely devoted to the Sufi mystic Jalhuddin Rumi. Sufiism is the mystical branch of Islam, which I guess sort of explains the prayer… anyway, I decided to let it through the comment filter, mostly because I like some of Rumi’s poetry.

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